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Monday, July 13, 2015

Donald Tusk shines in Buñuel film reenactment, says Financial Times!

“Sorry, but there is no way you are leaving this room,” the former Polish prime minister said.

Council of Europe President Donald Tusk speaking to Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras at 6 am this morning in Brussels (according to the inside account in today’s Financial Times).

Tusk  Bunuel Exterminating Angel 2

Donald Tusk performing in the Brussels all-night marathon reenactment of Luis Buñuel’s masterpiece The Exterminating Angel (left), and film still from the 1961 original (right).

The Financial Times report continues:

It was extremely hard, violent even,” said one participant…

In the end, some bleary-eyed diplomats emerged unsure who had prevailed in the marathon session. But they seemed agreed as to who had suffered most.

“They crucified Tsipras in there,” a senior eurozone official who had attended the summit remarked. “Crucified.”

This undoubtedly would have been a field day for Buñuel’s camera had he lived to witness it!

L-age d-or crucifixion scene

Film still from Buñuel’s 1930 surrealist masterpiece L'Age d'Or. How would the master have filmed this morning’s Brussels Crucifixion?

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