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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mexican President AMLO to Trump: Mr President, let us pay for your Wall!

US Precedent Donald Trump speaks while participating in a tour of border wall prototypes.
Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

Mexican President AMLO demonstrating his willingness to finance the Wall for the dysfunctional US government. EPA

CIB Breaking Surreal News, Mexico City| Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced today that in the interests of restoring border security his country would be willing to finance US Unprecedent Trump's campaign promise to build a wall on their countries' mutual border.

In a televised address to the Mexican nation, AMLO stated that since the US government shutdown on this issue, "automatic weapons, drugs, and white supremacy terrorists have been flowing unrestrained over the border from the US into Mexico."

"Anything would be better than the present anarchy," he went on to say, "concrete, steel slats, beaded curtains, voodoo dolls!"

The only proviso is that Unprecedented Trump first release his tax returns, Trump's other unfulfilled campaign promise.

"Only Trump's tax returns and the Mueller investigation can reveal whether the US can be trusted to use Mexican funds properly to actually build the Wall rather than enrich the ruling clique's cronies and their foreign backers," AMLO stated.

Mexican law prohibits foreign aid to underdeveloped countries with inadequate financial transparency, high-level corruption, and foreign interference in elections.

The US Border Patrol has determined that a chain of Voodoo Dolls, rather than concrete, steel slats, or beaded curtains, would be the most cost effective Wall to deter illegal border crossings into the US.

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