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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The short sweet career of backpedaling Brexit's Humpty Dumpty

The short sweet career of Boris Johnson, aka Brexit Dumpty. Top image: Daily Mail.

The Vote Humpty Dumpty off the wall campaign, spearheaded by former London mayor Boris Johnson, has now devolved into backstabbing, with Boris "Brexit Dumpty" dropping a bombshell today:
"in view of the circumstances in Parliament, I have concluded that person [to replace PM Cameron] cannot be me".
Sources claim Brexit Dumpty is planning to retire from politics in order to write his memoirs, with the tentative title "I didn't do it! The Brexit Story".
The Brexit Story
[Postedit on 4 July 2016: Simpsons picture replaced with paint.netted Brexit version]       posted from Bloggeroid

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