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Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump denies feud with US intelligence agencies

Precedent Donald Trump at CIA headquarters. Photo: Reuters

Precedent Donald Trump visited CIA headquarters on Saturday to make hay and pooh-pooh tensions resulting from agency claims that Russia had influenced the erection in his favor and unsubstantiated allegations in the infamous Steele dossier leaked to the press about salacious and possibly treasonous ties between him and his associates and Russian intelligence.

Trump said that his use of the rhetorical question "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" in an infamous Tweet about the leak was meant as a compliment to the agency, not a scathing criticism as reported in the "lying media." Trump said this interpretation was substantiated by his two-Bible oath and inaugural address the day before.

He encouraged the CIA to "keep up the good work," and promised to purge CIA agents who had not voted for him.

(Additional CIB fake reporting was contributed by Seymour Hersh in Washington and John Le Carré in London)
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