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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again! (Or Who Says History is Bunk?)

happy days 1930
Elapsed Years
Side One
Side Two
Elapsed Years
0 1918 World War I ends, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Czarist Russia defeated. 1989 Fall of Berlin Wall, end of Cold War, USSR defeated (?) 0
2 1920 Kapp Putsch against democratic government fails in Germany 1991 August Putsch against Gorbachev government fails in USSR 2
1/2 1919/20 Dismemberment of German, Austro-Hungarian, Turkish and Russian Empires according to the Principle of National Self-Determination and Versailles, Trianon Treaties, Sykes-Picot Agreement. League of Nations formed 1991 Self-dismemberment of USSR into constituent republics (later also of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia). Promulgation of “Commonwealth of Independent States” and American “New World Order” 2
2 1920 Britain suppresses Shia Uprising in Iraq 1991 US coalition defeats Iraq in First Gulf War. Saddam Hussein suppresses Shia Uprising 2
3-5 1921-3 German hyperinflation 1992-4 Russian hyperinflation 3-5
5 1923 Hitler’s Munich Putsch against democratic government fails in Germany 1993 Yeltsin shells Russian White House and suppresses Supreme Soviet opposition 4
11/13 1929 Wall Street Crash
1931 Bankruptcy of Austrian Creditanstalt Bank, triggering worldwide bank failures
2001 Dotcom bubble bursts
2008 Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Investment Bank, triggering market collapse and worldwide bank failures
13 1931 Brüning government in Germany imposes austerity program (“Notverordnungen”), creating massive unemployment 2010 Eurozone under German leadership imposes austerity programs on EZ peripheral countries after Greek bond run, creating massive unemployment in Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain, later Italy and France. 21
14-15 1932-3 Hoover Moratorium and bank holidays provide floor for world financial crisis 2011-2 Bailout funds and European Central Bank OMT program (Draghi: “Whatever it takes”) provide floor for European bond markets 22-23
15 1933 Berlin Reichstag fire, suspension of civil liberties and Enabling Act establish Nazi dictatorship in Germany 1999 Russian apartment house bombings, Putin elected to Presidency, Second Chechen War.
2001 9/11 attack in USA, Patriot Act, invasion of Afghanistan
17 1935 Italy invades Ethiopia, exposing weakness of League of Nations 2003 USA invades Iraq, exposing weakness of United Nations 14
18 1936 German remilitarization of Rhineland in violation of Versailles Treaty. France and Britain do not intervene 2008 Russo-Georgian War. Ceasefire attained through French mediation. Abkhazia and South Ossetia declare independence from Georgia 19
20 1938 Austrian Anschluss ??
20 1938 Annexation of “Sudetenland” regions of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany after Munich Agreement with Britain and France (“peace in our time”) 2014 Annexation of Crimea after Russian special forces intervention and referendum of new Crimean parliament. NATO allies impose mild sanctions despite violation of 1994 Budapest Memorandum 25
21 1939 German occupation of rump Czechoslovakia in violation of Munich Agreement ends appeasement policy of Britain and France 2014? Russian occupation of southeastern Ukraine at the request of pro-Russian forces in Donetsk and Kharkiv after violent incidents with Ukrainian security forces? NATO reaction? 25?
21 1939 Hitler-Stalin Non-Aggression Pact divides Poland into Nazi and Soviet spheres of influence in secret protocol and guarantees trade in strategic materials 2014/5? Merkel-Putin Non-Aggression Pact restores Königsberg/East Prussia (Kaliningrad Oblast), Pomerania and Silesia to Germany and guarantees trade in natural gas in exchange for capital goods/premium cars and recognition of Ukrainian annexations 25/26?
21 1939 “Liberation” of Danzig and invasion of Poland. Begin of World War II after British and French declarations of war ??
22 1940 Assassination of Leon Trotsky by Soviet NKVD agent with ice pick in Mexico City 2006 Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko by Russian FSB agents with polonium 210 tea in London.
2013 Assassination by strangulation (?) or suicide of Boris Berezovsky in Ascot
21 1939 Massive rearmament ends Great Depression in USA 2014 End of Great Recession and Euro Crisis? 25

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  1. Jeffrey Sachs rediscovers this record on Dec 16 in the BBC's junk shop: