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Friday, August 9, 2013

Breaking News: Mass NSA Dismissals Confirm 'Creditanstalt' July 28 Prediction!

Reuters reports today that the National Security Agency (NSA) intends to dismiss 900 of its 1000 system administrators, in line with our prediction in our July 28 blog "Forget PRISM":
The NSA now proposes to fire its thousands of mathematicians and computer scientists and replace them with low-wage medical laboratory technicians rendered unemployed by the ongoing Great Recession (this is the real reason Edward Snowden decided to get out of the business now).
Reuters reporter Jonathan Allen claims that this action results from former NSA system administrator Edward Snowden's revelations:
The National Security Agency, hit by disclosures of classified data by former contractor Edward Snowden, said Thursday it intends to eliminate about 90 percent of its system administrators to reduce the number of people with access to secret information.
People have begun to question what the symbolic meaning of these domes left behind by the NSA in Germany really is.

However, the 'Creditanstalt' intelligence bureau's informants continue to maintain that the real reason for the mass dismissals is the replacement of the NSA's ill-fated PRISM and other computer-science-based projects by SWIFT, based on impeccable neuro-fecal foundations (see previous blog for details on how SWIFT will work).

General Keith Alexander, the director of the NSA, unwittingly let the cat out of the bag at the press conference with his remark that "We've got to push out more, I recognize that."

His other main security change - the so-called two-man rule that no one can go to the bathroom unaccompanied - has also proved highly unpopular among remaining NSA employees, with female employees even raising accusations of sexism.

Remember: You heard it first on this blog!

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