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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Polls Reopened and Extended Until May 5!

Due to the inadequacy of the Blogger/Google Poll gadget the 'Creditanstalt' Brüning and Mellon Memorial Awards Committee has decided to reopen the polls and extend the deadline until May 5, 12:00 (UTC+1, Vienna time).

If you voted before April 9, 16:15, please recast your vote using the new polling gadgets on the right-hand sidebar!

The order of the candidates is randomized at each webpage viewing to ensure fairness. There is now also a provision for write-in candidates.

The Prize Announcement can be found at this post.

The Blogger/Google Poll gadgets were not correctly recording the votes and even dropping votes that had already been registered. This is apparently a problem that has been brought to Blogger/Google's attention months ago but which they still have not fixed (sounds like the Cyprus banking crisis). 

I thank Blogger blogger DarkUFO for bringing the alternative to my attention (see his webpage on inserting PollDaddy code into blogs).

Happy voting and let the best policymaker win!

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