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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let the EconoMonitor Speak (While I Get Back to Explaining the Industrial Revolution)

You won't find more trenchant analyses of the Euro crisis than these blogs on Roubini's EconoMonitor (from ‘EconoMonitor Highlights,’ 15 Nov. 2011). The complacency and sangfroid of Jens Weidmann yesterday in Frankfurt in the face of an oncoming freight train called market panic/the "Lehman moment" are breathtaking (see Jack Ewing in yesterday's NY Times).

We are now thinking about the unthinkable. Many are saying that we are watching a slow motion train wreck as the risk is rising that the Eurozone will break up. So now what?  Nouriel Roubini, Rebecca Wilder, Randy Wray and William Oman weigh in:

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